Welcome To Exodos Life Sciences

Exodos Life Sciences, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a pharmaceutical development partnership that focuses on adding value to exciting new product concepts by advancing drugs through preclinical and early clinical proof-of-concept (POC). We are experts in delivering safe and effective medications for the successful treatment of pain and inflammation.

The clinical results of Exodos Life Sciences’ sister company, Achelios, have been significant to date and show that our medication formulations offer superior skin permeation compared to many other commercial brands. The Achelios innovative topically delivered drug formulations greatly enhance the permeation of selective agents across human skin, between 4 and 9 times that of leading commercial brands. Our strategy is to establish a clinical stage drug development pipeline that addresses a significant unmet medical need and to move rapidly to proof-of-concept.

The management group of Exodos Life Sciences in Chapel Hill has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are actively building a strong, pioneering drug candidate portfolio with patent-protected pharmaceutical products, compositions and/or method-of-use. We develop strategic alliances with major and mid-tiered pharmaceutical businesses to achieve an early and clearly defined exit strategy upon completion of definitive proof-of-principle. Our state of the art medication research laboratory is based in San Diego, California.